On Sat 14 January 2012 at 09:23 AM Alun Clewe wrote:

I was enjoying the game a lot... until I hit a room that I'm pretty sure is unsolvable. There are four platforms up above, with a spear on the leftmost platform, a crate on the second platform and spikes underneath it, and a clone on the third platform. Unfortunately, there's nothing down below but a clone and a note, and the platforms are so high up that there's no way to get to them. (I took a screenshot I can send if you're not sure which room I'm referring to.) I'm assuming maybe that you're supposed to start at the top platforms, but that the player was mistakenly set to start at the bottom instead. (For the record, I entered the room from the right--maybe it works correctly if you enter from the left.) As it is, it's possible to kill yourself (by jumping from the clone's head onto the spikes), but it's not possible to kill either of the clones, and therefore it's not possible to finish the level. (I thought at first maybe there was an invisible platform somewhere... but that doesn't seem to be the case.)
On Sun 15 January 2012 at 04:13 AM PerilousPete wrote:

Did you enter the room from the top-right? Which way you travel depends on which door the remaining clone leaves from. You can only get a remaining clone to come into that level from either the top left or top right sides, not the bottom two doors. If you've entered from up top, then it's possible to win.

If you've entered from below, could you let me know which room you were in before you traveled to this room (I expect it's the one with two clones, a spear, a goo, and a crate on the ground level, with a platform with spikes coming out the top and bottom?). If it's the level I suspect, then there is no way to get out the right hand lower door, as the box prevents the clone from leaving in that direction.

It would be much appreciated if you tried to reproduce getting stuck and let me know how to do it, because if you've managed it then there's obviously a problem in the game and I'd like to get it fixed :)
On Sun 15 January 2012 at 05:03 PM Pavel Klimchyk wrote:

I also hit a room with four platforms up above, with a spear on the leftmost platform. The game is over for me. The game also has a lot of bugs, such a clone can escape through the closed door. In some cases, the clone freezes and twitches.
On Tue 17 January 2012 at 08:54 AM PerilousPete wrote:

The game was made in a 48 hour competition (though due to my timezone, the latter half was mostly on Monday, when I had to work) so I didn't have any time for QA. As the voting for Ludum Dare is over, I'm able to update the game so I will look into fixing the bugs, and see if I can track down that problem room.

Thanks for the comment :)
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